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Straight Talk Acromegaly


As part of its long-standing commitment to raise awareness of acromegaly, Novartis has partnered with Froggy, a renowned morning radio show host and acromegaly patient, on the Straight Talk Acromegaly initiative. Launched in 2014, the initiative aims to ignite discussion around this rare but serious condition, illuminate the diagnostic challenges, serious complications and key factors in long-term management of acromegaly, and help other patients share their unique stories and everyday experiences.

To learn more about Froggy and his fellow patients’ journeys with acromegaly, read, listen to and watch our educational resources below!

“When I was finally diagnosed with acromegaly – a rare endocrine disorder caused by a non-cancerous tumor on the pituitary gland at the base of the brain – it came as a relief because I had lived for 10 years with extreme symptoms I just couldn’t explain. My hands, feet and jaw grew significantly; I had horrible debilitating headaches, sweated profusely and experienced constant extreme fatigue. Even after having brain surgery to remove the tumor, my journey was not over. I work hard to ensure my hormone levels remain controlled. You can take control too – don’t let acromegaly define you”

– Froggy (radio personality living with acromegaly)

In 2010, Froggy was diagnosed with acromegaly after his mother urged him to visit a doctor when she learned about the disease and its symptoms while watching the game show Jeopardy. Froggy had been living with unexplained symptoms for 10 years, including profuse sweating and debilitating headaches. He also watched his feet, hands and jaw grow abnormally in size without understanding the cause. Show more

Following his diagnosis, Froggy underwent multiple surgeries – one to remove a portion of the tumor, one to have a portion of his colon removed due to pre-cancerous polyps and one to repair his jaw (which had grown so much he had difficulty speaking and eating) – and began a treatment regimen to help control his hormone levels. Living with acromegaly has been an emotional roller coaster for Froggy, but with the support of his friends and family he has found a way to take control of his disease. As a full-time early morning radio show host, husband and a father of two, Froggy understands how important it is to manage his acromegaly so he can continue doing the things he enjoys. Froggy regularly monitors his hormone levels, takes medication and goes for routine check-ups with his doctor to prevent serious health complications associated with the disease, such as heart disease and diabetes.

Froggy is passionate about using his public status to give a voice to other people living with acromegaly. By partnering with Novartis on the Straight Talk Acromegaly initiative, Froggy has helped encourage discussion and raise awareness of the disease by sharing his own experiences with this rare yet serious condition. Show less

Video Library

In My Shoes

The Voices of the Acromegaly Community: Putting the Spotlight on a Rare Disease

Hear patients discuss their journeys with the disease.

In My Shoes

Live Discussion with Froggy

Watch footage from a discussion between Froggy and his fellow acromegaly patients, where they share their experiences managing the disease.

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Acromegaly Patient Panel

Hear from Froggy and his fellow patients as they reflect on their first-hand experiences living with acromegaly.

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Living with Acromegaly, A Rare Hormonal Disorder: Froggy’s Personal Journey

Froggy recounts his symptoms, how he first learned he had acromegaly, and how he is managing the disease.

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Straight Talk Acromegaly

Froggy explains how acromegaly occurs, its symptoms, and how the disease is diagnosed.

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Froggy and Lisa: A Story for Hope for the Acromegaly Community

Froggy and his wife Lisa share their experiences and discuss working together to manage the disease.

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The Dreadful Duo: Uncontrolled GH and IGF-1

Learn more about the impact of uncontrolled growth hormone (GH) and insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) on the body.

Straight Talk Acromegaly Podcast Series

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Ralph’s Journey

Froggy and Ralph discuss the importance of developing a support network.

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Bonnie’s Journey

Froggy and Bonnie discuss the impact of uncontrolled disease.

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Nina’s Journey

Froggy and Nina discuss disease recurrence and adjusting disease management plans.

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Jason’s Journey

Froggy and Jason discuss the importance of being persistent when seeking a diagnosis.

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Lisa’s Perspective as a Caregiver

Froggy and his wife Lisa discuss their personal experiences with the disease.

In My Shoes: Patient Timeline Series

In My Shoes: Froggy’s Acromegaly Journey

An interactive timeline chronicling Froggy’s journey with acromegaly and reflection on his experiences.

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In My Shoes: Ellen’s Acromegaly Journey

An interactive timeline chronicling Ellen’s journey with acromegaly and reflections on her experiences.


In My Shoes

Froggy’s Fireside Chat

Q&A style editorial with Froggy addressing key elements in long-term acromegaly disease control.