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Managing Acromegaly

The key to managing acromegaly is to understand that it is a treatable condition. To get the best results, it's important to make a commitment to maintain your care over the long term. While surgery is considered first-line therapy for most people with acromegaly, it is not indicated for everyone, and its effectiveness as a cure depends on factors such as the size of the pituitary tumor, invasiveness of the pituitary tumor, and the skill of the surgeon. Patients with a microadenoma have > 85% chance of initial remission with surgery, whereas for those with macroadenoma, the change of remission are lower — about 40-50%.

Biochemical Control in Acromegaly

WATCH: Biochemical Control in Acromegaly
Dr. John Carmichael discusses biochemical control in acromegaly. The program includes topics such as the need for biochemical control specifically in pituitary adenomas and in acromegaly.

You and your health care provider will determine the best way to manage your acromegaly. This section of the site provides basic information about managing acromegaly, including:

The Importance of Managing Acromegaly

Treatment Options

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